SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

2007 Contributed Posters

Innovations and Best Practices in Biomedical and Life Sciences Libraries



Alerting Our Patrons to Alerts: Helping Them Take the Next Step

Dorothy Barr, Information Literacy, Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Perceptions and use of evidence-based practice among practicing therapists

Gary E. Kaplan, Information Services librarian Scott Memorial Library, Thomas Jefferson University

Health Promotion to the Under-Served - Mobile Health Units and Wireless Technology

Mary J. Klatt, Associate Director, Loyola University Health Sciences Library
Susan Finn, Director, Loyola University Health System Mobile Health Unit

Identifying Biomedical Publications Across the Institution

Nancy Allmang, Research Librarian, Materials Science & Engineering Laboratory Liaison, Biosystems & Health Strategic Working Group Liaison, National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Services Division

A new way to retrieve old critical information - TRAIL - Technical Report Archive and Image Library

Patricia E. Kirkwood, Engineering & Mathematics Librarian, University of Arkansas Libraries
Daureen Nesdill, University of Utah

Exploring search engine overlap: implications for grey literature searching

Lead Author: Shaila Mensinkai, Manager, Library & Information Services, Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health
Authors: Shaila Mensinkai, Andra Morrison, Kaitryn Campbell, Tammy Clifford, Janet Joyce, Becky Skidmore

Protein Tools for Viral Research

Pamela Shaw, Biosciences Librarian, Galter Health Sciences library, Northwestern university, Feinberg School of Medicine

Identifying the Impact of Failure in the Information and Knowledge Transfer Process

Lorri Zipperer and Linda Williams - co-submitters
Lorri Zipperer, Cybrarian, Zipperer Project Management

Health -E Illinois, A Go-Local Project

Tom Bartenfelder, Research Services Librarian, Loyola University Health Sciences Library

Library Research Project on Bioscience leads to Innovative Collaborations

Louisa Worthington Rogers, Biology, Medicine & Neurosciences Librarian, M.I.T. Science Library

Landing on MaRS: An Innovative Approach to Service Delivery

Helen Kula, MISt, Manager, Market Intelligence Venture Group

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