SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

Inside the Biomedical & Life Sciences Division (DBIO)

The scope of the DBIO includes all aspects of the life sciences, both pure and applied, including biology and biochemistry, zoology and botany, microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, evolution, ecology, veterinary and human medicine, and health sciences, as well as other aspects of the life sciences that are not specifically noted or otherwise encompassed by another SLA Division. The Division supports research, education, and commercial endeavors by promoting the exchange of information and ideas among its members. Areas of interest include trends and advancements in the storage, retrieval, and analysis of information, collection management, and dissemination of knowledge in the field of life sciences. For information on how to join SLA, please contact the Membership Department at SLA Headquarters.

The Medical Section

The Medical Section of the DBIO was formed in 1996. It serves as a forum for Division members who are engaged or interested in the exchange of information in the biomedical and health sciences field, and the acquisition, organization, dissemination, and use of such information in all formats. More information about the Medical Section can be found at the Medical Section's website. Membership in the Medical Section is available at no charge to all DBIO members by contacting the Membership Department at SLA Headquarters.

Rev. May 2013