SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division


See DBIO Recommended Practices - Nomination of Officers

2016 Nominations & Elections Committee

Nalini Mahajan
Nalini Mahajan ('16-'18)
Tony Stankus
Tony Stankus ('15-'17)
Howard Fuller
Howard Fuller ('14-'17)

DBIO Election Results :

Chair-Elect (17-18) Cynthia (Cindy) Sheffield

Secretary (17-19) Danielle Walker

Director (17-19) Gail Hendler

Treasurer(17-19) Nancy Curtis

2017 Executive Board:

Chair: Nalini Mahajan

Chair-Elect: Cynthia (Cindy) Sheffield

Secretary: Danielle Walker

Director : Gail Hendler

Treasurer: Nancy Curtis

Past-Chair: Jennifer McDaniel

Rev. November 2016