SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

Call for Nominations

2010 DBIO Elections

VOTE till Nov 13, 2009

The Nominations and Elections Committee is putting out a call for further nominations for the following three DBIO offices:


Secretary (Two Year Term)

Director (Two Year Term)

Diane Schmidt, currently Chair-Elect, accedes to the position of Chair; Jonathan Nabe continues as treasurer for the second year of his two year term.

The Committee currently has the following names placed on the ballot:


Nancy Dickenson
Nancy Dickenson

Chair-Elect- Nancy Dickenson

Nancy Dickenson is currently senior librarian at the Stanford University Hospital Health Library in Palo Alto, CA. An SLA member for seven years, she is active in DBIO. For the most recent Washington, D.C. conference, she served as the division’s program planning chair. She has been Medical Section chair, as well.  Active in other professional organizations, including MLA and the Northern California and Nevada Medical Libraries Group, she was recently appointed to a statewide committee overseeing the development of a consumer health toolkit for public libraries, an LSTA funded project of the California State Library, in conjunction with the California Healthcare Foundation and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Southwest Region. Nancy holds an MLIS from San Jose State University. Before becoming a librarian, Nancy had a twenty year career in marketing and public relations, primarily in the medical and technology industries.

Tony Stankus
Tony Stankus

Secretary- Tony Stankus

Tony Stankus is currently the Life Sciences Librarian & Science Coordinator (with the rank of full Professor) at the University of Arkansas.  He was  the Science Librarian at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA from 1974-2007, and concurrently the Adjunct Professor for the Survey of Special Libraries course at the URI Graduate School of Library & Information Studies from 1982-2007 . The author of 10 books, and over 160 papers, largely on biomedical librarianship, he has also served the Division as DBIO blogmaster since 2007 (22,000 hits by September, 2009), and as Director (2008-2009). He was the Project Leader for the DBIO 100 Poll and the Centennial Business Luncheon last June in Washington, DC. He was named a Fellow of the SLA this year.

Nancy Curtis
Nancy Curtis

Director- Nancy Curtis

Nancy R. Curtis, Science & Engineering Librarian at the University of Maine, has been a member of DBIO since 1989. She previously served as Treasurer of the Division, and chaired both the Membership and Awards Committees. Nancy has also served on several other Division committees, including Annual Conference Program Planning and Fund Development.


Further nominations, accompanied by written acceptance by the nominee, may be entered by petition of 20 Division members and shall be filed with the Nominations and Elections Committee by October 31st.

Please let the committee know if you would like to have your name or another DBIO member placed on the ballot by October 31st.

A description of duties and responsibilities for each office may be found on the DBIO website:


2009 DBIO Nominations and Elections Committee

John Tebo, Chair
David Duggar
Linda Maddux
Janet Cooper Weiss


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