SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Procedures Manual - Sample Treasurer's Report

June 2, 1977

The Division entered the 1977 fiscal year with a healthy balance of $2,410.80 in the current operating fund. This balance represents a gradual accumulation of surplus funds over a five year period.

Our major source of income is the allotment from the Association Office, which is based on Division membership. Last year the Association allotted $2.50 for each Division member on record as of December 31, 1976, for a total of $2,012.50. In addition to our SLA allotment check, the Division received a gift of $150 from the Bindery Corporation of America to help defray hospitality expenses at the 1977 New York Conference.

The Everything Special Division uses the operating fund to pay for conference expenses including honoraria for speakers, facility and equipment rental, hospitality expenses, and student tickets. The 1977 New York Conference expenses have not been fully determined; as of now we have expended $295. The operating fund also pays for the printing and mailing of three newsletter issues which are sent free to all members of the Division. Newsletter expenses were $590 for the January and May issues. $85 was spent to mail election ballots.

Our income for the year, to date, was $2,162.50 and our expenditures amounted to $970, which leaves a current balance on hand of $3,603.30. If expenses are not greater than anticipated we should show a modest increase in our year-end closing balance.

A three-year summary of income and expenditures is attached.

Respectfully submitted,

Evelyn Mills, Treasurer