SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

Nominations & Elections

2010 DBIO Election results

The following have been elected to the 2010 DBIO Board of Directors. Congratulations!

Chair-Elect: Nancy Dickenson

Diane Schmidt

Secretary: Tony Stankus

Diane Schmidt

Director: Nancy Curtis

Jonathan Nabe

Other members of the 2010 Board of Directors are as follows:

Diane Carol Schmidt accedes to Chair
Jean Crampon accedes to Past Chair
Jonathan Nabe continues as Treasurer for the second year of his two-year term.

Thanks to these special people for agreeing to run for office and for serving our Division.

Extra special thanks to The Nominations and Elections Committee for taking the time to deliberate and consider potential candidates: John Tebo, Chair; David Duggar; Linda Maddux; Janet Weiss.

Rev. October 2010