SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

2004 Contributed Papers

Not all of our library users have “grown up digital” and many of us have found the need to take a slightly different approach when dealing with established library patrons. Medical librarians have developed programs to successfully train physicians and researchers to use new library resources. Academic librarians have found new ways of reaching faculty and essentially “train the trainers”. And, corporate librarians have found ways to keep managers abreast of new developments, all of this outside the realm of the one-hour BI session. The following two papers accepted for the 2004 Biomedical and Life Sciences Division Contributed Papers Session exemplify these efforts.

Managing Nostalgists: Extending Information Services Infrastructure
Geeth Vijay-Rao

Partnerships in Instruction: Teaching Dogs Old and New, Local and Distant
Michele R. Tennant
Amy G. Buhler
Nita Ferree
Barbara W. Francis
P. Peggy Hsu
Rae Jesano
Beth Layton
Nancy Schaefer
Pamela Sherwill
Tara Tobin Cataldo
George Hack


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