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Learn with SLA CLICK University!

The name CLICK stands for “Continuous Learning to Improve Career Knowledge.” SLA offers members many opportunities for professional development. Participate in Webinars, certificate programs, and the annual conference to stay competitive, expand your knowledge, and learn skills that are critical to your job satisfaction and career success.

The webinars are offered free to SLA members, and delivered via GoToWebinar web conferencing software. Many different topics are included in the following subject areas: careers, copyright, information services, search and research, skills, and social media.

In Click University’s certificate programs, on knowledge management (KM) and copyright can be taken onsite, at the SLA Annual Conference, or online. These programs are flexible; courses can be taken in any order.

  • Click University offers a number of flexible discounts to SLA members and their organizations. For additional information about payment options, contact NOTE: Discount options may not be combined.
My SLA: These podcasts reveals the experiences of SLA Members with their association involvement, career passion, and workplace success.

SLA sponsors many courses at the Annual Conferences to meet one to three competencies from SLA's Competencies for Information Professionals of the 21st Century Revised edition, June 2003.

Rev. April 2014