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SLA Awards and Nomination

The SLA Awards & Honors Program was created in 1948 to honor exceptional individuals, achievements, and contributions to the Association and the information profession. The following awards have been granted to DBIO members.

SLA Hall of Fame

Presented to an SLA member in good standing at or near end of active professional career to recognize service and contribution to the Association. Spots in The SLA Hall of Fame are also granted for prolonged distinguished service of an SLA Unit (chapter or division) which has contributed to the success of the Association as a whole.
DBIO Recipients:
Winifred Sewell, 1998
Fred W. Roper, 2001
Janet Cooper Weiss, 2016

SLA Fellow

Presented to an SLA member to recognize leadership in their career as an information professional. Fellowship is bestowed on mid-career SLA members in recognition of past, present and future service to the Association and the profession.
DBIO Recipients:
Fred W. Roper, 1989
Eleanor A. Maclean, 1998
Jo Anne Boorkman, 2000
Joanne Gard Marshall, 2001
Sandy Spurlock, 2002
W. Davenport "Dav" Robertson, 2005
Tony Stankus, 2009

SLA Professional Award

This SLA award recognizes special event, major achievement or specific significant contribution from an SLA member to the field of librarianship or information science which advances the Association's goals and objectives.
DBIO Recipients:
Naomi C. Broering, 1987

John Cotton Dana Award

Granted to an information professional to recognize a lifetime of achievement as well as beyond exceptional service to special librarianship.
DBIO Recipients:
Joanne G. Marshall, 1998
Fred W. Roper, 1999

H. W. Wilson Company Award

Awarded to the author(s) of an outstanding article published in Information Outlook during the publication year.
DBIO Recipients:
Lorri A. Zipperer, 1994, 2003
Joanne G. Marshall, 1997

Rose L. Vormelker Award

Presented to an SLA member in good standing who is mid-career for beyond exceptional services in area of mentoring students and/or working professionals.
DBIO Recipients:
Larry L. Wright, 1998
Tony Stankus, 2005

Questions, suggestions, or comments can be sent to the Awards Committee Co-Chair, Howard Fuller.

Rev. March 2015