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Benefits of Joining

Seven Very Practical Reasons to Belong to SLA:

  1. Free memberships in your local chapter and any one of the 26 discipline-specific divisions with full SLA membership; more can be added for a nominal fee.
  2. Free access to Information Outlook, SLA’s online digital magazine and other social media channels.
  3. Professional Development via Continuous Learning to Improve Career Knowledge (or, as we like to call it, CLICK University).
  4. Networking and opportunities to meet thousands of fellow info professionals at the Annual Conference.
  5. Careers opportunities center
  6. Exclusive discounts on products
  7. Recent library school graduates and members who are in the first five years of their professional career can share experiences with and get advice from members of SLA’s First Five Years Advisory Council. The Sla First Five Years Blog is available here.

Six Very Practical Reasons to Belong to DBIO:

  1. Free memberships with full SLA membership
  2. Free membership in the Medical Section, a forum for members who are engaged or interested in the exchange of health information.
  3. Keep current with news and information through our web sites, Email Discussion List, and Biofeedback, the Division's online quarterly newsletter.
  4. Develop leadership skills through serving on our Executive Board and chairing committees
  5. Network with peers, share experiences and expertise across similar projects, and make new friendships that will last you a lifetime.
  6. Career developing opportunities and Annual Conference events tailored to your needs and interests.
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