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Other Organizations Awards & Nomination

This is only a partial listing of awards received by DBIO members. The Awards Committee would like to acknowledge and honor DBIO members receiving recognition by other professional organizations. Please notify the Awards Committee Chairperson of awards that you or other DBIO members have received.

American Library Association

ACRL Samuel Lazerow Fellowship:
Linda Golian-Lui, 1997
Best of LRTS Award:
Beth M. Paskoff, 1991
Beta Phi Mu Award:
Linda C. Smith, 2004
Spectrum Initiative Scholarship:
Annie Patrick, 2007
3M/New Members Round Table Professional Development Grant:
Linda Golian-Lui, 1995

Canadian Health Libraries Association/
Association des bibliotheques de la sante du Canada

Award of Outstanding Achievement:
Susan Murray, 1999
Honorary Life Membership:
Joanne Gard Marshall
Hospital Librarian of the Year:
Elizabeth Uleryk, 2003
BMC BC Decker Research Paper Prize:
Elizabeth Uleryk, 2002

Charleston Conference

Vicky Speck ABC-CLIO Leadership Award:
Ramune Kubilius, 2012

Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries

Charles Robert Long Award of Merit:
Joan DeFato, 2002

Medical Library Association

MLA Fellow:
Winifred Sewell, 1978
Estelle Brodman, 1981
Naomi Broering, 1981
Erich Meyerhoff, 1985
Doris Bolef, 1988
Eugene Garfield, 1993
Fred Roper, 1997
M. Sandra Wood, 1998
JoAnne Boorkman, 1999
Ada M. Seltzer, 2000
Joanne G. Marshall, 2002
Jocelyn Rankin, 2002
Ruth Holst, 2002
J. Michael Homan, 2003
Thomas G. Basler, 2004
Gail A. Yokote, 2005
Patricia Thibodeau, 2007
Eliot Prize:
Winifred Sewell, 1977
Joanne G. Marshall, 1982, 1993
M. Sandra Wood, 1986
Jocelyn A. Rankin, 1994, 2000
Cheryl R. Dee, 2000
Estelle Brodman Award for Academic Medical Librarian of the Year:
Gail A. Yokote, 1989
Carolyn Anne Reid, 1992
Michele Tennant, 2005
Janet Doe Lectureship:
Estelle Brodman, 1971
Erich Meyerhoff, 1977
Ruth Holst, 1990
Fred Roper, 2005
Thomas G. Basler, 2007
J. Michael Homan, 2009
Lois Ann Colaianni Award for Excellence and Achievement in Hospital Librarianship:
Rya Ben-Shir, 1989
Cheryl R. Dee, 1997
Margaret Bandy, 2002
Lucretia W. McClure Excellence in Education Award
Michelle Tennant, 2014
Marcia C. Noyes Award:
Estelle Brodman, 1971
Erich Meyerhoff, 1997
Fred Roper, 1998
Naomi Broering, 2003
Medical Informatics Section/MLA Career Development Grant:
Karen Albert, 2008
MLA Scholarship:
Lisa O'Keefe, 2008
Murray Gottlieb Prize:
Estelle Brodman, 1977
Mary L. Westerman, 1998
President's Award:
Fred Roper, 2000
Patricia Thibodeau, 2005
Research Development and Project Grant:
Carolyn Anne Reid, 1986
Virginia A. Lingle and M. Sandra Wood, 1989
Joanne Gard Marshall, 1991
Sally Harvey, 2007
Rittenhouse Award:
Linda C. Smith, 1973
Ronald Rader, 1978
Thomson Scientific/Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award:
Estelle Brodman, 1985
Naomi Broering, 1986
Jocelyn Rankin, 1992
Virginia L. and William K. Beatty MLA Volunteer Service Award:
Logan Ludwig, 2008

State University of New York

SUNY Chancellor's Award for Exellence in Librarianship :
Renee Bush, 2002

Questions, suggestions, or comments can be sent to the Awards Committee Co-Chair, Howard Fuller.

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