SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Awards & Nomination

The Biomedical and Life Sciences Division sponsors three awards.
Links to descriptions of awards and nomination forms are provided below.

Distinguished Member Award

The Biomedical and Life Sciences Division has many distinguished members. This award affords us an opportunity to recognize a member for his/her hard work and dedication.
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Recent Recipients:
Patricia B. Yocum, 1996
Elisabeth B. Davis, 1997
Lucy M. Rowland, 1998
Eleanor A. MacLean, 1999
Renee B. Bush, 2000
Anna Therese McGowan, 2001
Jo Anne Boorkman, 2002
Larry L. Wright, 2003
Diane Schmidt, 2004
Michele R. Tennant, 2005
Virginia A. Lingle, 2006
Lorri Zipperer, 2007
Janet Weiss, 2008
Peggie Jones, 2009
Nancy Stimson, 2010
Tony Stankus, 2011
Susan Kendall, 2012
Claudia Lascar, 2013
Cheryl R. Banick, 2014
Nalini Mahajan, 2016

Winifred Sewell Prize

This award is given to a member who has shown leadership and innovation in the development and/or use of advanced technologies in the organization or dissemination of biomedical and life sciences information.
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Recent Recipients:
Naomi C. Broering, 1999
Joanne G. Marshall, 2000
Eugene Garfield, 2001
Diane Schmidt, 2008
Shelley Arvin, 2012
Nalini Mahajan, 2017

Chair's Recognition Award

The Chair's Recognition Award is presented at the discretion of the Division Chair to a Division member who has contributed to the work of the Chair, the Executive Board, and/or the Division. The Chair's Recognition Award is not necessarily presented every year.

Recent Recipients:
Lucy M. Rowland, 1997
Nancy F. Stimson, 2000
Tom Turner, 2001
Laura Osegueda & David Duggar, 2002
Janet Weiss, 2004
Christina Woodward, 2005
John Tebo, 2006
Laurie Scott & Claudia Lascar, 2007
Carol Lepzelter Berry, 2008
Nancy Dickenson & Tony Stankus, 2009
Christopher Hooper-Lane & David Duggar, 2010
Howard Fuller, 2011
Monica Kirkwood & Jonathan Nabe, 2012
Rebecca Kuglitsch & Claudia Lascar, 2013
Susan Kendall & Janet Weiss, 2014
Dorothy Barr, Peggy Murphy, and Christopher Hooper-Lane, 2015
Monica Kirkwood, 2017

Other DBIO Awards

Carol Lepzelter Berry, DBIO Website Emerita, 2010

Questions, suggestions, or comments can be sent to the Awards Committee Co-Chair, Howard Fuller.

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