SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

E-Advertising Opportunities

E-Advertising opportunities via our electronic quarterly newsletter, Biofeedback, provide you and your organization with many benefits including:

  • Immediate and uninterrupted (24/7) line of communication with users of your products and services
  • Costs you much less than print advertising to reach a large segmented market
  • Uses a variety of personalization effects, including your logo or/and brand name to enhance the informational, visual and entertaining value of your massage
Current advertising rates:
  • Individual Full page (8" wide by 10" high): $275.00
  • Individual Half page (8" wide by 5" high): $140.00

Please Note: Discounted rates are available for pre-booking ads for an entire year with one invoice paid up front:

  • 4 Full page ads (one each issue): $1000.00 ($250.00 each)
  • 4 Half page ads (one each issue): $500.00 ($125.00 each)
Specifications: Must be in electronic format only: jpg or pdf format is required. Color or black and white advertisements are accepted for the same rate. The advertising image should look exactly as you want it in the final version without extraneous marginal markings as might be used for a printed publication.

Inquiries and advertising copy should be sent to:

Grace E. Romund, Biofeedback Editor
University of Manitoba
Tel: 204-228-3928

Rev. March 2015