SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

1997 Distinguished Member Award

Elisabeth B. Davis

For over twenty-five years, Elisabeth B. Davis has served her profession, her specialization, and her colleagues with great distinction. In all areas of consequence in biological sciences librarianship Betty has excelled.

As Biology Librarian at the University of Illinois from 1971 until her retirement in 1996, she moved through the ranks from Instructor to Professor of Library Administration. An innovator in her library and a contributor to countless system-wide committees, she is celebrated for her dedicated mentoring of new and aspiring librarians not only on campus but wherever she meets them.

Her first-rate professionalism has also been evident in association activity. Whether it was MLA, The SLA Science & Technology Division, or the Illinois Chapter, Betty has worked to effect meaningful results whose benefits could be shared. Her greatest contributions have been to our Biological Sciences Division, which she joined in 1976 and subsequently served as member--and more often as chair-of the Nominations, Career Guidance, Long Range Planning, Publications, Public Relations, and Awards Committees. A natural leader, she was elected BIO Division Chair from 1982-83.

A woman with a probing intellect, Betty has, through research and publications, sought to make sense of complex, rapidly changing fields. Since 1973 she has authored or co-authored 4 books, 13 papers, 4 chapters, and numerous reviews and review articles. Her books, now in second editions, are found in libraries worldwide as the nearly 1800 OCLC holdings testify. Typical of her work, the books bespeak quality, authority, and an overriding commitment to sharing knowledge. It is little wonder her presentations have been welcome at conferences in the US, England, and Japan.

Over the length of a remarkable career Betty has made exceptional contributions to the profession, the Division, and her colleagues. She has done so with grace and verve and demonstrated unequivocally the pleasure of satisfaction which come from being a biology librarian. She will have an enduring effect upon all those who follow her.

The SLA Division of Biological Sciences is proud to recognize Elisabeth B. Davis with its 1997 Distinguished Member Award.

Rev. November 22, 2002