SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

2002 Chair's Recognition Award

David Duggar

Chair of this year's Fund Development Committee, and in a few minutes, our new Division Chair.

I don't know if David was worried about fund-raising this year, but I can tell you that I was. I served as Chair of the committee last year, and although the committee is blessed with absolutely amazing members, it is still a committee fraught with responsibility. While Laura and her committee have planned an excellent conference and tried to keep costs down, David and his fund-development committee have the responsibility of trying to find the money to pay for all of this. And as fund-raising begins right around September, you can imagine the atmosphere in which fund-raising occurred this Association year. Yet somehow, amidst the uncertainty and economic downturn, David and his committee were able to break the previous year's record, and raise $16,150. A truly amazing feat. And for this I would like to thank not only David, but also his fundraising committee, and, of course, our marvelous vendors.

David has supported the Division in many ways over the years. He served as Membership Committee Chair (1998/99), as Student Relations/Career Guidance Committee Chair (1996-1998), on the Bylaws Committee (1996/97), as Medical Section Chair (1997/98), and as BioFeedback Editor (1999- 2001).

Rev. November 22, 2002