SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

1999 Distinguished Member Award

Eleanor A. MacLean

For over twenty-five years, Eleanor A. MacLean has had a distinguished career serving her profession and colleagues. Eleanor has been an active and contributing member of the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division for many years. She served as Hospitality Chair for the Winnipeg Conference in 1985 and Chair-elect, Chair, and Past Chair 1987-1990. In her capacity as Past-Chair, she chaired the Bylaws committee, guiding the committee's examination and revision of this document to assure its concordance with the Association's Bylaws. Eleanor has continued her involvement with the Division, chairing the Contributed Paper's Session Committee for the Annual Conference in Indianapolis and now as Division Treasurer.

Not to be content with BLSD activities, Eleanor has been an active member and leader of the Eastern Canada Chapter and the Sciences-Technology Division. She was recognized for her leadership and contributions when she became the first recipient of her Chapter's "Librarian of the Year" award in 1991. On the association level, Eleanor chaired the Bylaws Committee, served as Deputy Chair of the Montreal Conference Planning Committee, and served twice as Chair of the Scholarship Awards Committee, in 1986-1987 and again in 1991-1992. In June 1998, she was named Fellow of the Special Libraries Association.

Eleanor has been an active participant in other areas that are associated with her profession: she has served as President of the Association of McGill University Librarians and as archivist for the Raptor Research Ornithologists' Union Conference, as well as being an active member of the Canadian Library Association. In addition to all her professional volunteer work, Eleanor directed the operations of two libraries and then oversaw their merger to form the Blacker-Wood Library of Biology of McGill University. She has directed that library since the merger. In further service to her profession, Eleanor has been a guest lecturer at the McGill University Graduate School of Library and Information Studies.

Eleanor MacLean has been generous with her time, her enthusiasm, and her knowledge to all of us in the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division. She has been a mentor to many Division members who have worked with her and served on the Executive Board with her. She has always sought to make changes that will simplify the lives of her successors. Eleanor looks for potential in new members and nurtures that potential. She always does the right thing and can be counted upon to follow the rules (and the Bylaws!). For her loyalty and support to the profession, the Division, and her colleagues, the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division is proud to recognize Eleanor MacLean with its 1999 Distinguished Member Award.

Rev. November 22, 2002