SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

2001 Distinguished Member Award

Anna Therese McGowan

For well over a decade, Anna McGowan has amassed a record of significant contributions to Division efforts and has done so with enthusiasm, rationality, and aplomb. As an SLA member since 1981, Anna has been a stalwart supporter of the Division and its activities at the both the Chapter and Division level. She has also served on activities on the Medical Library Association.

Anna's contributions, usually in leadership positions, have centered in areas critical to the Division's success: the Fund Development Committee, the Boston Conference Program Committee, the Nominations and Elections Committee, and, of course, Chair of the Division itself. Those who have worked with Anna know her to be effective, efficient, totally reliable, and a source of excellent ideas. Her attention to detail is legendary; in fact, when Anna Chaired the Boston Conference Program Committee, the Division was praised by SLA conference staff for the accuracy and timeliness of its submissions. But never let it be said that it is all hard work and drudgery when Anna is involved as she is renowned for the warmth, humor, and positive attitude she brings to the task at hand.

Many Division Chairs-Elect and Chairs have leaned heavily on Anna for advice and support. Those who served in these positions after her have found Anna wonderfully supportive, willing, and able to provide detailed information and valuable insights, and, above all, offering reassurance that "everything will turn out fine." With her help, it did. Anna has not only served in the "kitchen" cabinet of many Past-Chairs, but has also served as valued advisor to various committees on both Division and SLA matters.

Anna has been a stalwart supporter of the Division and its activities. Her enthusiasm has been and continues to be inspiring to members old and new. Her counsel will surely continue to be sought and prove to be valuable as it has for so long. The Biomedical and Life Sciences Division is indeed fortunate to have such a member as Anna McGowan.

Rev. July 2007