SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

2002 Chair's Recognition Award

Laura Osegueda

As the 2002 Los Angeles DBIO Conference Program Chair, Laura has had the unenviable task of planning the conference in an uncertain year, in an expensive city, and through the many program planning changes implemented by headquarters. This year DBIO is leading 18 programs, including receptions, CE classes, field trips, business meetings, and speaker sessions. We have also co-sponsored 4 additional events with other divisions. Laura and her committee have done an outstanding job!

Laura has managed this enormous task while meeting deadlines in a timely fashion, staying incredibly cheerful, and keeping all pertinent individuals (including our Treasurer!) apprised of information as needed. All of this while various craziness occurred - speaker cancellations, low ticket sales for some events, and a budget crunch at North Carolina State that kept Laura from calling long distance from the University (this of course happened in May when all the final program details had to be worked out).

In addition to this year's excellent work with the conference program, Laura has also served the division as a member of the Professional Development Committee (1998/99), and then Chair of that committee (1999-2001); and as co-owner of the DBIO list since 1999. Somehow, Laura also finds time to be active in the Medical Library Association, and is the new Section Council member from the Veterinary Medical Library Section.

The Members and Chair of the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division of the Special Libraries Association thanks Laura Osegueda for her hard work and perseverance this year, as well as for the contributions she has made to the Division over the years.

Rev. November 22, 2002