SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

1998 Distinguished Member Award

Lucy M. Rowland

As a member of the SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division Lucy Rowland has compiled an outstanding record of achievement. She has chaired committees for Fund Development, Nominations & Elections, Career Guidance/Public Relations, and Bylaws. She was co-founder of the Division's Contributed Paper Session, led Division program planning for the Boston Conference and, of course, chaired the Division itself.

We honor her for these endeavors and the professionalism she has brought to them. Above all we honor her for her extraordinary leadership in transforming the Division at a pivotal point in its history.

For three intense years Lucy worked tirelessly to articulate the strengths of the Division, the wisdom of keeping it whole, and the centrality of health science librarians to both. Working respectfully within the authorized framework and drawing on her expert knowledge of organizational structures and procedures, she was instrumental in retaining coherency for the life sciences within the Association and in founding the Medical Section. Lucy was the driving force in changing the Division's name and in revising the Division's scope note to make explicit its broad interests and future directions. The vitality evident in today's Division is in no small way owing to her sustained efforts and unflagging belief in the value of our community.

For her intellect and strength, for her integrity and courage, for her ability to see the picture whole and to see the picture clear, the SLA Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences is proud to recognize Lucy M. Rowland with the 1998 Distinguished Member Award.

Rev. November 22, 2002