SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

1997 Chair's Recognition Award

Lucy M. Rowland

The Division Procedure Manual authorizes the Division Chair to recognize outstanding contributions by a member of the Division, and this year we truly have a candidate who has performed with distinction on behalf of the Division. It is with the advice and consent of the Executive Board that I am pleased to present the 1997 Chair's Recognition Award to Lucy Rowland. Lucy, would you join me [Fred Roper] at the podium.

Lucy, the gratitude and thanks of the entire Division go to you for your efforts to ensure that matters related to medicine remain a part of this Division. Through your leadership, we have seen the establishment of the Medical Section and approved the name and scope changes. For your effectiveness in representing the Division, your attention to detail, indeed, your grace under fire, the 1997 Chair's Recognition Award is presented to you for your outstanding and meritorious service to the Division.

Rev. November 22, 2002