SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

1996 Distinguished Member Award

Patricia Yocum

When Patricia Yocum assumed the office of Chair of the Biological Sciences Division in 1994 at the Atlanta SLA Conference, I'm sure she never dreamed what lay ahead. Since then, she has faced innumerable challenges to the Division, including the well-documented effort to start a new division that clearly overlaps with the scope and substance of BSD. This was in addition to programming for the Montreal conference and serving in leadership roles for the Division, first as chair and this year as Past Chair.

For the last two years, Patricia has consistently supported BSD's stance that SLA must abide by its own guidelines and bylaws. She has done this with professionalism and grace, never forgetting that integrity and credibility are far more important to maintaining one's reputation than winning by any means necessary. She has represented us well, and she has set the tone for the Division's conduct within SLA. This has not gone unnoticed. SLA would be well served to have more who subscribe to Patricia's values.

Patricia has, through service to BSD, the Michigan Chapter as Past President, and her own institution, been an inspiration to other librarians. She is an active mentor to students in the library program at Michigan, and she maintains ties with them over time and space. She radiates those qualities that have made her reputation: integrity, hard work, consistency, level-headedness, leadership, compassion. I am honored to present her with this well-deserved award.

Lucy Rowland, Chair 1995-1996

Rev. November 22, 2002