SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

Medical Section Recommended Practices



Function:The Section Chair serves as the representative of the Section and has control over its affairs.

Qualifications:The Chair must be a member, associate member, or retired member of the Association, as well as a member of the DBIO Division and the Medical Section.

Appointments:Along with the consultation of the outgoing Secretary and Chair-elect, as well as previous Medical Section leaders, the outgoing Chair will appoint the incoming Chair-elect and Secretary, to be named at the Annual Business meeting of the Medical Section.

  • To preside at the annual Medical Section business meeting during the Annual Meeting of the Association.
  • As part of the Section's business meeting, the Chair will promote an educational segment that will give other Section members a chance to present to their colleagues at a national venue, and in an informal setting. The Chair, in consultation with the secretary and Chair-elect, will select the speaker based on an abstract submitted by October 1st of the year preceding the annual conference being planned.
  • To prepare a budget based on consultation with the DBIO Division chair and plans for the Medical Section program at the Annual Conference.
  • To review the appropriate sections of the Recommended Practices and submit revisions in February.
  • Distributing the names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of the Chair, Chair-elect, and Secretary to the DBIO Division Chair by SLA deadlines and to the Biofeedback Editor and editor of the Division Web page.
Reports and Records:
  • Preparing an annual report of the Section activities for submission to the DBIO Division Chair for presentation to Division members at the Annual Conference, and for publication in the Biofeedback Winter Edition.
  • Preparation of preliminary Conference Program plans to be reported to the DBIO Division Conference Committee Chair as requested by and according to a timetable established by the DBIO Division Conference Committee Chair.
  • Preparing regular columns for Biofeedback.
  • Sending regular updates to the DBIO webmaster.
  • Transferring files (including correspondence, fax, e-mail, membership roster of the Section, and summaries of verbal communications) deemed important to the business of the Section to the incoming Chair.

Rev. May 2014