SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

Medical Section Recommended Practices



Function:The Chair-elect serves as a member of the Section's leadership and participates at the request of the Chair in the general supervision of Section activities. The Chair-elect may represent the Section upon the request of the Chair and assume the duties of Chair in event of the absence or withdrawal of the Chair. The Chair-elect succeeds to Chair on January 1 of the following year.

Qualifications:The Chair-elect must be a member, associate member, or retired member of the Association, as well as a member of the DBIO Division and the Medical Section.

Appointments:The Chair-elect will consult with the Chair and Secretary to select the incoming Chair-elect and Secretary, to be named at the Annual Business meeting of the Medical Section.

  • To support the current Chair by providing advice, counsel, ideas, and proposals.
  • To learn about the past development, issues, procedures, and history of the Section in order to help shape its future and strategic direction.
  • To become more knowledgeable about SLA as an organization and getting to know more people both within the Medical Section, and in DBIO and other Divisions.  To help select incoming Chairs-elect and Secretaries.
  • To encourage and coordinate planning of a Division program at the Annual Conference that has a medical- or health-related emphasis.  Topics pursued should be of interest to Medical Section members and to other related Divisions, such as the Pharmaceutical, Information Technology and Insurance Divisions. The Chair-Elect should serve on the Program Committee for the next year's Annual Conference.
Reports and Records:
  • Arranging for the transfer of all pertinent files to the incoming Chair-elect.

Rev. May 2014