SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

Medical Section Recommended Practices

Last Revision: July 11, 2007



Function:The Secretary serves as the recorder of official business of the Medical Section and participates and confers with the Chair-elect and Chair on Section business as requested.

Qualifications:The Secretary must be a member, associate member, or retired member of the Association, as well as a member of the DBIO Division and the Medical Section.

Appointments:The Secretary will consult with the Chair and Chair-elect to select the incoming Chair-elect and Secretary, to be named at the Annual Business meeting of the Medical Section.

Duties:Besides consulting and conferring with Chair and Chair-elect on various matters, the primary responsibility is to record notes for the Annual Business meeting of the Medical Section.

Records and Reports:
The Secretary is responsible for:
  • Submitting the minutes of the Medical Section Annual Business meeting to the Division Chair and the Biofeedback Editor.
Rev. May 2014