SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Appendix B

Guidelines for Committee Annual Reports

Each committee Chair is to forward a written report to the Chair of the Division by January 1. Interim reports may be requested by the Chair of the Division during the year. Communication with the Chair regarding Committee activities is encouraged at any time.

Format of Annual Reports:
  1. Executive Summary
    Begin your report with an executive summary of 200-500 words that provides highlights of the committee’s accomplishments during the year. The summary will be used to write the Division’s annual report to the Association and may be published in Biofeedback either intact as written or excerpted.
  2. Committee Membership
    List members and year appointed to the committee.
  3. Activities
    List and elaborate upon activities undertaken by the committee during the year. This will include ongoing projects, new initiatives, and one-time efforts.
  4. Budget Information
    Indicate costs incurred by the committee that were charged to the Division. It is also helpful to indicate what types of expenses were absorbed by committee members and/or their institutions, such as telephone charges, postage, printing, etc. This section will not serve as a substitute for budget information that is requested by the Treasurer.
  5. Recommendations
    The committee should provide recommendations for changes in procedures, projects, goals, or other information that will be useful for future committees. Since further action may be appropriate, each recommendation should be made as a separate point, e.g. a bulleted format.
  6. Addenda
    As needed, other information may be appended to the report, including results of surveys, documents, etc.
Rev. July 2007