SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Archivist

Function: The Archivist is responsible for receiving, organizing, filing, and maintaining archival copies of records for the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division.

Qualifications: In addition to the qualifications outlined in Appendix A, the archivist should have a concern for and genuine interest in maintaining records in accordance with the Association guidelines and the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division's needs.

Appointment: The appointment of Archivist has no set expiration and Archivists generally serve on a continuing basis.  If needed, the Archivist may appoint other Division members to assist with the Archives.

  1. To arrange for storage of the Archives in a suitable location which is easy for the Archivist to reach. Such facilities should take into consideration special needs for temperature and humidity control, if needed, in accordance with Association guidelines.
  2. To organize, select, and file materials according to the SLA Guidelines for Division Archives. Discard materials which are not needed as per the Chapter and Division Records Retention Policy, issued as Attachment II in the document above. For more information consult the SLA web page for Archivists.
  3. To review the Archivist’s section of the DBIO Recommended Practices in February and submit corrections, revisions, and so forth to the Director for inclusion in the next revision.
  4. By deadline determined each year (typically January), submit an estimated budget to the Treasurer.
Transfer of Materials to Archivist: Outgoing officers and committee chairs shall send the files which they used during their tenure to their successors at the end of their terms of office.  All files they received from predecessor should be reviewed as to the usefulness for archival retention (see Chapter and Division Records Retention Policy on the Web), and items which have retention value should be sent to the Archivist. This retention of a predecessor's files will provide for better continuity between incumbents of offices and chairs than is provided in the Association's guidelines. The Executive Board or committee chairs may keep copies of any relevant materials but original materials should be transmitted to the Archivist on the regular schedule.

Rev. July 2007