SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Awards Committee

Function: The Awards Committee currently administers two awards:

  1. Distinguished Member Award (DMA), established in 1996; and
  2. Winifred Sewell Prize (WSP), established in 1999.
The committee identifies DBIO members for association level awards and prepares nomination packets for the Division Chair to forward to the SLA Awards Committee following Executive Board approval.

Appointments: The term of appointment is two years, renewable once.

  1. Write two articles for Biofeedback and the SLA-DBIO Email List soliciting nominations for the DMA and WSP.
  2. Receive nominations and, after the deadline for nominations, evaluate the nominees according to the committee’s evaluation criteria for the DMA and WSP. This must be done by April 1st.
  3. Arrange for the preparation of certificates for the DMA and WSP recipients, and any other DBIO members the Chair designates for recognition that year.
  4. Arrange for checks of $250 for the DMA and WSP recipients.
  5. Arrange for an engraved gift for the DMA recipient and plaque for WSP recipient.
  6. Prepare citations for awards that Division Chair will read at Annual Business Meeting.
  7. Provide copies of citations for awardees.
  8. Notify Division Chair of awardees by April 30 each year. Division Chair will contact WSP recipient, arrange for free 1 day registration to SLA if necessary and for a ticket for recipient to the Annual Business Meeting breakfast.
  9. Write award recipients’ employers announcing the award. Send letters June 1.
  10. Prepare items for the Membership Column of Information Outlook on award/prize recipients.
  11. Notify award/prize recipients’ home chapters of their awards.
  12. Write a final Biofeedback article after the annual meeting in order to mention all awardees and to thank committee members.
  13. Send awardee information to the DBIO webmaster.
  14. Review the Awards Committee section of the Recommended Practices in February and submit corrections, revisions, and so forth to the Director for inclusion in the next revision.
Rev. May 2014