SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Fund Development Committee

Function: The Fund Development Committee is responsible for soliciting sponsorships for programming at the annual meeting and is chaired by the DBIO Chair-Elect.

Membership: The Chairs of the Vendor Relations and Professional Development/ Continuing Education Committees are always members of this committee as is the Chair of the Medical Section.

Appointment: The term of appointment is one year, and coincides with the term as Chair-Elect.

  1. Develop a strategy for fund raising for the Division that conforms to the regulations of the Special Libraries Association and in keeping with the organization's Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.
  2. Identify, maintain, and update the list of previous and potential sponsors, including corporation names, personal contacts, current addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and electronic mail addresses. In addition, the Committee shall maintain records of previous years' fundraising results.
  3. Acknowledge and thank sponsors in various ways. Send list of sponsors to the DBIO webmaster for posting on the website.
  4. Identify, maintain, and update grant sources.
  5. Annually, solicit sponsors for Division programs held at the annual Conference.
  6. Maintain contact with SLA Headquarters to determine what support services and information are available to assist in fulfillment of duties.
  7. Update annually the Fundraising Brochure which is mailed to potential sponsors. The brochure should be completed shortly after the Annual Conference.
  8. In September, have a discussion with the Program Committee Chair regarding all the programs planned for the upcoming Annual Conference. With the Program Chair, make estimates of what each program will cost and set a target amount to be raised for each Annual Conference DBIO session. Inform the Program Committee Chair of all sponsorships obtained, listing sponsor's name, contact person, amount, and program to be sponsored.
  9. Review the Fund Development Committee section of the Recommended Practices in February and submit corrections, revisions, and so forth to the Director for inclusion in the next revision.
  10. By deadline determined each year (typically January), the Committee Chair shall submit an estimated budget to the Treasurer.
Rev. July 2007