SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Home Page Committee

Function: Responsible for the day-to-day operation, maintenance, and improvement of the division web sites. The Committee shall have two co-chairs: the Webmaster and the Home Page Content Manager. The Webmaster and the Home Page Content Manager operate together to maintain and develop the functional features of the DBIO web site, the Medical Section web site and the division landing site. Information on the web sites may include newsletters, lists of officers, governing and procedural documents, annual conference programs and other pertinent information to the division membership. The Webmaster in conjunction with the Home Page Content Manager will bring issues to the DBIO Board for approval.

Qualifications: Knowledge of web authoring and media authors' tools such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Adobe Contribute.
Appointment: Indefinite appointment.

  1. Maintains and backs up existing pages and checks links frequently.
  2. Creates new pages using content provided by the Home Page Content Manager.
  3. Ensures that content is updated on the web sites in coordination with the Home Page Content Manager and the Biofeedback editor.
  4. Troubleshoots problems on an as-needed basis.
  5. Provides training and consultation to the Home Page Committee members as relate to their assigned duties
  6. Rapidly absorbs and effectively applies new technical information.
  7. Makes recommendations regarding new web technologies to the DBIO Board.
  8. Captures the web sites in their entirety and archives old content via a CD or other storage media at least annually.

Home Page Content Manager
Qualifications: Knowledge of writing and editing for the web, graphic design and site management.
Appointment: Indefinite appointment.

  1. Ensures that the format, layout, positioning and navigation are consistent throughout the division web sites.
  2. Works closely with the Webmaster to determine appropriate and efficient site structure.
  3. Manages content for all web sites:
    • Creates, solicits, edits, identifies and prioritizes content to be revised.
    • Plans and distributes the workload.
    • Sets content standards and exercises quality control over the division web sites.
  4. Serves as the main point of contact for all queries related to the division web sites.
  5. Monitors traffic through the web log files.
  6. Estimates future work for improvements and makes recommendations to the DBIO Board.
  7. Promotes the web sites' content to members and prospective members via listservs, newsletters, etc.
  8. Prepares an annual report of all activities and expenses, actual and projected, for the DBIO annual business meeting.

Qualifications: Knowledge of WordPress and the ability to communicate effectively.
Appointment: Indefinite appointment.

  1. Content creator: writes and publishes entries relevant to the DBIO membership.
  2. Manages blog categories.
  3. Moderates comments from readers.
  4. Monitors blog use.
  5. Submits an annual report to the Home Page Content Manager.

Qualifications: Knowledge of Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute, and the ability to learn new skills.
Appointment: Two calendar year terms with optional renewal for a total of 4 years maximum.

  1. Updates web site content on an as-needed basis.
  2. Works on specific projects on an as-needed basis.

Rev. May 2014