SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Liaisons

Function: Liaisons act as an official link between DBIO and other official entities of SLA, such as Natural History Caucus. Liaisons are appointed at the request of the Association. Liaisons may also be established between the Division and outside organizations with functions similar to the Division, such as MLA, IAMSLIC, ASIST, etc.

Appointment: A liaison is appointed for one year, and may be reappointed twice (e.g. may serve for three consecutive years maximum).

  1. Ensures that DBIO is kept informed of initiatives and projects of the Association in that area of interest. This is done by establishing a relationship with the SLA Unit or external assigned organization and receiving news, reports, updates, and other information.
  2. Reports information that is of interest to the Division by all means available including the SLA-DBIO Email List, announcements at the annual business meeting, or Biofeedback.
  3. Liaisons are kept aware of DBIO activities by communicating with the DBIO Chair; participating in discussions of any round table or informal groupings of division members of interest, and monitoring the SLA-DBIO Email List.
  4. Informs the appropriate SLA Unit of DBIO initiatives and projects of DBIO of interest to that group by communicating with the appropriate executive officer and participating in any electronic discussion list activity. Liaisons may also attend business meetings of groups of interest and report back to each group on the others’ activities.
  5. Reviews the Liaisons section of the Recommended Practices in February and submits corrections, revisions, and so forth to the Director for inclusion in the next revision.
  6. By the deadline determined each year (typically January), liaisons must submit an estimated budget of expenses to the Treasurer.
Rev. May 2014