SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Public Relations Committee

Function: The Public Relations Committee develops and coordinates public relations activities at the Division level. The committee should draft a statement of purpose to develop goals for their public relations program.

Qualifications: In addition to the qualifications outlined in Appendix A – Qualifications, Expenses, Records and Reporting for Executive Board, Advisory Board/Council and Committees, all Committee members should have a strong interest in public relations.

Appointment: The term of appointment is two years, renewable once.

  1. Committee Chair serves as a member of the Advisory Board.
  2. Solicit the Board and membership for constructive suggestions and ideas for the public relations committee to pursue. Should also consider past activities, as well as activities undertaken by other units and SLA headquarters.
  3. Prepare a public relations plan and discuss it at a business meeting for input and approval of the Board.
  4. Coordinates the development/revision of the Division Brochure to be used for recruitment and public relations in conjunction with the Membership Chair.
  5. Coordinates the development/revision of the Division website in conjunction with the Webmaster.
  6. Coordinates all publicity activities of the Division.  Some examples:
    • Maintains a distribution list for press releases. 
    • Writes and submits Press Releases to SLA’s Information Outlook
    • Writes and submits the Kudos Column, and DBIO Members’ Publication List to DBIO’s Biofeedback
    • Publicizes the web site to the Division’s membership using the Division’s discussion lists, Communities of Practice and Bulletin.
  7. Reviews the Public Relations Committee section of the Recommended Practices on an annual basis and submit corrections, revisions, and so forth to the Director for inclusion in the next revision.
  8. By deadline determined each year (typically January), the Committee Chair shall submit an estimated budget to the Treasurer.
  9. Assists DBIO Chair and other Committee chairs with projects, as requested.
  10. Cooperates with Association Public Relations Committee to further the public relations program of the Association.
  11. Prepares an annual report of activities and expenses, actual and projected, for the annual business meeting.
Rev. July 2007