SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Program Committee

Function: The Program Committee is responsible for the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division programs at the SLA Annual Conference, including open houses, field trips and tours.

Appointment: The Chair of the committee is selected by the Chair and Chair-elect of the Division, and preferably will have served as a member of a previous Program Committee.  Members will be chosen based on interest, knowledge, proximity to the conference location, or other factors that are pertinent to programming, and will always include the Chair of the Professional Development Committee, Chair of the Vendor Relations Committee, Chair of the Medical Section, and the Chair of the Contributed Papers Session.  Any other sections or other sub-groups affiliated with the Division should be represented on the Committee. Liaisons from other Association groups that work closely with the Division (e.g. Natural History Caucus) may also be granted representation on the Committee.  The term of appointment is two years, renewable once.

  1. Plan Division activities at the annual conference as set forth in the Program Planning
  2. Make signs announcing Division social events and times if not done by conference staff.
  3. Act as greeters of guests at open houses.
  4. Provide chair of the Fund Development Committee with periodic updates on program plans.
  5. Provide assistance, as needed in finalizing conference arrangements.
  6. Review the Program Committee section of the Recommended Practices by February 1st and submit corrections, revisions, and so forth to the Director for inclusion in the next revision.
  7. By deadline determined each year (typically August for the following fiscal year and annual conference), the Committee Chair shall submit an estimated budget to the Treasurer.
Expenses: The Division will provide funding for expenses including postage and telephone calls if not borne by the Committee Chair's organization. The Division may also provide financial support of up to $1500 per meeting to defray expenses for the Committee Chair's in conjunction with attendance at SLA meetings if the incumbent's organization does not provide travel funds. The meetings covered for the Programming Committee Chair are: the SLA Leadership Summit the year prior to the programming year, and two Annual Conferences —the year prior to the programming year, as well as the programming year itself. Funds must be requested from the Treasurer, within 3 months of travel, using the Division's travel voucher and must include required receipts. Rev. April 16, 2015

See also:  Appendix A – Qualifications, Expenses, Records and Reporting for Executive Board, Advisory Board/Council and Committees.

Program Committee Guidelines

Rev. April 2015