SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Secretary

Function: The Secretary serves as a member of the Division Executive Board.  The elected term of office is two years.

Qualifications: The Secretary must be a member, associate member, or retired member of the Association, as well as a member of the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division.

  1. To record minutes of the annual business meeting and the Executive Board meeting at the annual conference. The Executive Board notes may or may not be formalized as minutes for distribution. The annual business meeting minutes should be drafted, approved, and distributed via the summer issue of the Division newsletter.
  2. To prepare five copies of approved minutes of the above and send two copies to the Division Cabinet Chair, one copy to the Chair, one copy to the Archivist, and one copy to the editor of Biofeedback for publication.
  3. To maintain minutes for the previous four years.
  4. To review the Secretary section of the Recommended Practices in February and submit corrections, revisions, and a complete set of forms to the Director for inclusion in the next revision.
Reports and Records: The Secretary is responsible for the following:
  1. Preparing an annual report upon the request of the Division Chair.
  2. Submitting the minutes of the annual business meeting to the Division Cabinet Chair and the Division Chair.
  3. Arranging for the transfer of files to successor at the end of December and to the Division Archives, as appropriate. At the end of operational year all files more than one year old should be transferred to the Archives. (Exception should be made for files which are necessary to maintain continuity, such as for special Division projects which have a longevity greater than one year, as well as for ongoing publication activities, such as Biofeedback). All other files should be transferred to incoming Secretary. Files should include any important fax or e-mail messages, correspondence and summaries of all verbal communications which relate to the business of the Division and should be maintained in the records.
Rev. July 2007