SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Procedures Manual - Executive Board

Function: The Biomedical and Life Sciences Division Executive Board shall have the responsibility and authority to manage the Division's property and to regulate and govern its affairs within the limits of the Division's bylaws and the bylaws of the Special Libraries Association.

: The Board shall consist of six members elected by the membership of the Division: Chair, Chair-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Director, and Past Chair.

  1. To determine policies and changes in policy within the limits of the bylaws of the Association and of the Division.
  2. To take such actions as it considers necessary to carry out objectives of the Division.
  3. To provide policy guidelines for Biofeedback, particularly as they relate to business matters, such as reviewing the budget.
  4. To establish standing and special committees, responsible to the board. The board shall delegate to each committee those functions and responsibilities necessary for accomplishing the objectives of the Division. Committee chairs shall submit an annual report to the Chair of the Division by April 1, or on another mutually agreed upon date. The board shall determine term of appointments and shall have the authority to abolish, combine, or alter committees. The term of office for appointees shall be from July 1-June 30.
  5. The Executive Board shall appoint the Nominations and Elections Committee in accordance with Article IX of the Division bylaws.
Reports and Records: Summaries of actions taken at Executive Board meetings shall be prepared by the Secretary and distributed to board members.

Expenses: See notations for individual officers.

Rev. 1/99, A. Schiff