SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Procedures Manual - Chair

Function: The Chair serves as chief executive officer of the Division and, subject to the Executive Board, shall have general supervision and control over its affairs.

Qualifications: The Chair must be a member, associate member, or retired member of the Association, as well as a member of the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division.

Appointments: The Chair shall appoint the Chairs of each committee (except Nominations and Elections Committee) and members of each committee.

  1. To preside at all Executive Board and Division business meetings.
  2. To present or recommend to the Executive Board such measures as the Chair or a Division member considers desirable to further the objectives and broaden the effectiveness of the Division.
  3. To approve and sign, with the Treasurer, all contracts and legal documents.
  4. To serve as ex officio member of all Division committees, with the exception of the Nominations and Elections Committee.
  5. To represent the Division at meetings of the Special Libraries Association, including the Winter Meeting and Annual Conference. If unable to attend, to appoint a Division member, preferably an officer, to represent the Division; prior to the meeting, the appointee shall be briefed fully on business to be transacted.
  6. To coordinate planning of Division programs for the Annual Conference for which s/he is the Chair. To attend, or ensure Division representation at, Conference program planning sessions held at Winter and Annual Conferences pertaining to the Chair's Annual Conference programs.
  7. To attend administrative, orientation, and other meetings for Division Cabinet members, including DACOLT, Division Cabinet, and Joint Cabinet which are held during the Winter Meeting and Annual Conference.
  8. To evaluate and promote continuing and new projects and publications, coordinating when necessary with the appropriate staff liaison at SLA Headquarters.
  9. To serve on standing or ad hoc committees of the Division Cabinet as called for through the rotation process or as appointed by Division Cabinet Chair.
  10. To review the appropriate sections of the Procedures Manual annually in February. Submit corrections, revisions, etc. to the Director for inclusion in the next edition.
  11. To prepare a budget for the coming year in conjunction with the Executive Board.
  12. To appoint an auditor whose name has been recommended by the Treasurer, in compliance with SLA guidelines, to audit the Division accounts prior to the Treasurer's Annual Report.
Reports and Records: The Chair is responsible for the following:
  1. Preparing an annual report of the Division activities for submission to the Division Cabinet Chair of the Association, for presentation to Division members at the Division Annual Business Meeting, and for publication in the Division Bulletin following the Annual Conference.
  2. Preparing regular columns for Biofeedback.
  3. Assuring that the Division reports and official documents are filed appropriately and in a timely fashion according to the Association guidelines.
  4. Reporting to the SLA Conference Program Committee Chair and/or his designate, and to the Director, Conference & Meetings all details of the Division's programs for the annual conference. Submitting detailed documentation on approved forms promptly and in accordance with the Association's deadlines. Submitting requests for supplemental funding for Division conference programming to SLA if necessary.
  5. Preparing and submitting requests for action by the SLA Board of Directors.
  6. Submitting proposed Division bylaws changes for review of approval by the SLA Bylaws Committee. Submitting changes to the membership in accordance with Article XIII of Division bylaws for approval via ballot.
  7. Transferring files to the Chair-elect or Division Archivist as appropriate. All current files, including Division Procedures Manual, SLA Division Guidelines and associated materials, Conference Programming materials, Division and Committee annual reports, and other files of a timely nature should be given to the Chair-elect. All historical materials that are no longer of current reference value, and copies of the current year's Division and Committee annual reports should be given to the Archivist. Files include, but are not limited to, important correspondence, fax, e-mail, and summaries of verbal communications deemed important to the business of the Division.
  8. Sending to the appropriate SLA Publications Manager three copies of any publication issued by the Division, to be cited in Association publications and retained in Association archives. Assuring that copies of each Division publication are sent to the Association for display at the annual conference in accordance with SLA deadlines.
  9. Compiling, and transmitting to the Secretary for distribution by SLA deadlines, the names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of all Division officers and committee members.

Expenses: The Division may provide financial support of up to $1000 to defray expenses in conjunction with attendance at the SLA Winter Meeting and SLA Annual Conference, if the incumbent's organization does not provide travel funds. Funds must be requested from the Treasurer using the Division's travel voucher and must include required receipts.

The Division will provide funding for other expenses such as postage or telephone calls if not borne by the incumbent's organization. Other expenses must be approved by the Executive Board of the Division. Expenses incurred for organization business will be paid in accordance with SLA guidelines. All expenses must be submitted with a Committee Expenses Form or a Travel Voucher form and be accompanied by the original receipts for reimbursement. Direct payment of bills can be made if the bill is accompanied by a Committee Expenses Form or a Check Request and Payment Approval Form.

Rev. 1/99, A. Schiff