SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Procedures Manual - Nominations and Elections Committee - Suggested Timetable

*By March 1st: Executive Board Members confer and choose at least 2 new members of the 3 member Nominations and Elections Committee and indicates which of the 3 will serve as Chair. The DBIO Chair posts an announcement of the new NEC Committee to the Email Discussion List and also submits the same announcement for the Spring issue of Biofeedback. In the same media the new NEC Chair places a call for nominations for the election for the following Spring.

*By April 1: The outgoing Nominations and Elections Chair files a report with DBIO Chair.

*May & June: The new NEC confers regarding possible nominees and solicits nominations. Prospective candidates should be contacted until 2 agree to run for each office. If slots remain to be filled by Annual Meeting, the committee should meet with the DBIO Executive Board to identify additional qualified members. NEC should also attempt to meet with potential candidates and for that purpose should come prepared with information on the various offices and duties.

*June: Chair of the outgoing NEC gives oral report at the Annual Business Meeting. Current year's NEC Chair places final call for nominations in the Summer issue of Biofeedback

*By July 1: Nominations and Elections Committee Chair destroys ballots and sends remaining papers of historical importance to BIO Archivist.

July & August: The slate is finalized. Nominees submit their resumes or biographical sketches to the NEC. The slate and the resumes (abbreviated if necessary) are submitted to the Email Discussion List, the DBIO web site and Biofeedback for the Fall issue. At this time, the call for nominations by petition should be made in the same publications.

December: Committee requests mailing labels for DBIO members be printed in early January.

By January 1: Nominations by petition must be received by the Chair of NEC to be included on the ballot.

By February 1: Ballots are mailed to members with voting material. Ballots must be postmarked by a set date (announced on the ballot) to be valid. This date is approximately March 15th and no later than 60 days prior to the annual business meeting to be valid.

By March 31: Ballots should all be received.

By Early April: Ballots are counted. The Chair of the Division and the candidates are notified of the results of the election. Results are forwarded to the Email Discussion List, the DBIO web site and Biofeedback.

Rev. 4/00, P. Perez