SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Procedures Manual - Guidelines for Membership

Transition: To foster a smooth transition from one committee chair or officer to his/her successor, at the end of the annual business meeting, there shall be a special session of the out-going and incoming officers and committee chairs to discuss the duties and activities of that office, to go over the relevant sections of the bylaws and Procedures Manual, and to arrange for the transfer of appropriate records. Unfinished activities and goals of the Division are also pertinent topics for discussion.

General Information: Membership records are maintained at the Association Office. Applications for new membership; questions regarding membership for individuals or organizations; change of address; and requests for change in Chapter, Division, or Section affiliation should be forwarded immediately to the Manager, Membership Development or Supervisor, Membership Records at the Association Office.

Copies of the Division bylaws are available to the membership upon request to the Membership Committee Chair.

Members should be reminded to pay dues directly to the Association Office. No membership data are official until after notification from the Association Office.

During the summer, an alphabetical printout of Division members with addresses (as of June 30) will be sent from the Association Office to persons designated to receive it. This is the official roster. The old roster should be discarded immediately to avoid perpetuation of errors. It is not necessary to keep old rosters in your Division archives. Revisions will be sent once a month to indicate changes in name, address, division membership, etc. A roster of the Division may also be requested on diskette from the Association Office at any time during the year. Membership labels for a Division-wide mailing may be requested from the Association Office at any time during the year.

Codes for membership category, chapter affiliation, and division affiliation appear to the right of the member's name and address on the printout. A list of current code numbers is sent with the June 30 printouts.

Rev. 1/99, A. Schiff