SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

Guidelines for Revising the DBIO Procedures Manual

The BIO Procedures Manual is revised annually to reflect the current practices of the Division. This task falls to the BIO Director. Following are guidelines to help the Director with this task.

  1. In January solicit changes from each DBIO Executive Board member and appointed officials.
  2. Compile the list of changes in March and send to each DBIO Executive Board member for consideration at the annual board meeting.
  3. Incorporate approved changes in the Manual and distribute the new pages to the appropriate people. Be sure to put a revised date on the pages of the Manual that have been revised.
  4. Every 5 years, distribute the appropriate pages from the Manual to the officers and appointees and ask for a complete review.
  5. Revise the pages as suggested and then distribute the revised Manual to the DBIO Executive Board at least 2 weeks prior to the DBIO Executive Board meeting. Ask that the Manual be put on the agenda for discussion and ratification.
  6. Make sure any changes conform to the Division bylaws. Any conflicts must go to the BIO Executive Board for resolution or referral to the Bylaws Committee.
  7. Send copies of all revisions to the DBIO Archivist and electronic copies to the DBIO Webmaster for inclusion on the DBIO web site.
  8. Keep copies of the Manual in electronic format (one format should be ASCII). The electronic format and the printed copy should be passed on to the next Director.
Rev. 1/99, A. Schiff