SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Strategic Plan Workbook

DBIO Strategic Planning Committee Charge: Develop a strategic plan that addresses the DBIO Division’s vision, strengths and weaknesses, and where we need to be going within the next five years.

DBIO Strategic Planning Meeting Agenda:

• 8:15-8:20 Welcome remarks

• 8:20-8:45 Brainstorm DBIO vision statement

DBIO mission and scope
Slides (2-13)

Vision Statement Definitions and Examples

• 8:45-8:55 Survey highlights

Slides (14-15)
2008 Survey

• 8:55-9:25 Discuss DBIO strengths and weaknesses in light of 2008 survey results. Create an action list

DBIO SWOT Analysis
Slides (16-20)

• 9:25-9:30 Wrap-up

Vision Brainstorming


Rev. June 2008