SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

2005/2006 Members' Publications

Barr, D. 2006. "Staying Alert: The Wild New World of Current Awareness Services." College & Research Libraries News 67(1): 4-17.

Barr, D. 2006. "A Change in Library Procedures Becomes an Opportunity to Encourage Electronic Alerting Options." Poster presented at the North Atlantic Health Science Libraries’ Annual Conference, Hartford: CT, October 15-17.

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Garfield, E. McVeigh M, and Muff M. March 2006. "Retractions are Linked by the Web of Science to Original Reports." Annals of Internal Medicine. Rapid Responses to: Sox, H. C. and R. Drummond. April 2006. “Research Misconduct, Retraction, and Cleansing the Medical Literature: Lessons from the Poehlman Case.” Annals of Internal Medicine 144(8): 609-613. View here  |  Download here

Garfield, E. "Identifying Nobel Class Scientists and the Uncertainties thereof.” Paper presented at the European Conference on Scientific Publication in Medicine and Biomedicine, Lund, Sweden, April 21, 2006. Paper also presented at the Third Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication in Lund, Sweden, April 25, 2006. Download here

Garfield, E. April/ May 2006. "Interview: Scientist, Inventor, Visionary: Chatting with Dr. Eugene Garfield" Knowledge Link Newsletter. View here

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Wood, M.W. 2006. "Facilitating Compliance with the Required Search for Alternative.” Oral presentation at the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance Training, Roche: Palo Alto, March 13.

Wood, M.W. 2006. “Web-based searching for alternatives.” Oral presentation at the U.C. Davis Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) - Advanced Workshop, Davis: CA, April 27.

Wood, M.W. “Techniques for Searching the AAT Literature.” in Handbook on Animal-
Assisted Therapy: Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice
edited by
Fine. A.H., 2nd edition, Elsevier: Amsterdam, c2006.

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