SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

2010 Members' Publications

Barr, D. (2010). “Reaching Students Where There Go: Embeding Library Resources in Course Content.” Science & Technology Libraries, 29 (4).

Crampon, Jean. (2010). “Planning a Remodel: Lessons Learned.” Presented at CYAMUS Regional Group of IAMSLIC (CYAMUS) Annual Meeting, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, March 29. 2010.

Crampon, Jean. (2010). Review of Power of the sea by Bruce Parker. Library Journal 135(15):98.

Crampon, Jean. (2010). “A Celebration of Librarianship and the Information Profession.” Invited panel member at the Southern California Chapter SLA Annual Awards Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, November 10, 2010.

Dawson, P.H., Jacobs, D.L., & Yang, S.Q. (2010). “An Online Tutorial for SciFinder for Organic Chemistry Classes.” Science & Technology Libraries, 29(4), 298-306.

Dawson, P.H., Jacobs, D.L., & Yang, S.Q. (2010). “Online Tutorials and Assessment of Information Literacy Skills.” Presented at the Library Assessment Conference, Baltimore, MD, October 25, 2010.

Gleeson Buhler, A., Ferree, N., Cataldo, T.T. & Tennant, M.R. (September, 2010). “External Reporting Lines of Academic Special Libraries: A Health Sciences Case Study.” College & Research Libraries, 71(5): 467-494. Abstract available at:

Glenn, Emily & Rolland, Betsy. (2010). “Experimenting outside the Information Center: Non-Traditional Roles for Information Professionals in Biomedical Research.” Information Outlook, 14(7):26-29. (This was a research project funded by SLA; see the SLA press release).

Kendall, Susan K. (2010). “Advisor Reviews: Springer Images.” The Charleston Advisor 11(3):50-52.

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