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ACRLog aims to discuss the issues of the day in the field of academic librarianship.

ALA TechSource Blog

Beyond the Job Blog is created and maintained by the Library Job People, Sarah Johnson and Rachel Singer Gordon. Includes “Articles, job-hunting advice, professional development opportunities, and other news and ideas on how to further your library career.”

A Blog Around The Clock created and maintained by Amanda Etches-Johnson aims to discuss “emerging tech, social media, web development, user experience, and what it all means for libraries.”

Booklist Blogs:

AudioBooker developed and maintained by Mary Burkey, a teacher, librarian, and audiobook addict. She writes about listening, learning, and the joy of headsets.

Book Group Buzz provides book group tips, reading lists, & lively talk of literary news from the experts at Booklist Online

Bookends developed and maintained by Middle-school librarians Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan discussing YA and children's books.

Likely Stories developed and maintained by Keir Graff, Booklist Online’s senior editor. He writes candidly about books, book reviewing, and the publishing industry.

Catalogablog created and maintained by librarian David Bigwood. Library cataloging issues, concerns and related topics.

Click U Connections brings you information and updates about SLA's Learning center.

Confessions of a Science Librarian created and maintained by the librarian John Dupuis. It “features links and pointers to information of interest to academic science librarians.”

DAM Blog The Advertising & Marketing Division Blog

DBIO Blog The Biomedical & Life Sciences Division Blog

Digital Reference created and maintained by the academic librarian Stephen Francoeur

Digitization 101 created and maintained by Jill Hurst-Wahl about the
“issues, topics, lessons learned and events surrounding the creation, management, marketing and preservation of digital assets”

Discover Blogs

Dolores' List of CFPs Blog calls for papers and presentations in the disciplines of Library Science, Information Science, Instructional Design and Technology, Education, including Adult Education, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

Educational Technology News

EngLib created and maintained by librarian Catherine Lavallée-Welch brings you news about conferences, databases, vendors, professional associations, job openings and much more.

Google Librarian Central

The Green Library blog, developed and maintained by Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University Library, is devoted to documenting significant activities" of and by libraries to increase “the efficiency with which buildings use resources — energy, water, and materials.”

iLibrarian created and maintained by Ellyssa Kroski about ews and resources on Library 2.0 and the information revolution.

Impact The Leadership & Management Division Blog

InfodayBlog is a conference weblog by the Editors of Information Today

Information Center Connections brings you news, research, tools, tips, and commentary from SLA.

Information land of Confusion created and maintained by Michael Lorenzen.

Information Literacy Weblog created and maintained by Stuart Boon and Sheila Webber.

Inside the Box Connections brings you general information about SLA.

Internet News created and maintained by librarian Gwen Harris about Web searching and Internet use.

IT Division Blog The Information Technology Division Blog

IT Division Blogging Section Blog

Librarian on the edge created and maintained by Terry Ballard, an academic systems librarian.

Librarian of Fortune created and maintained by Mary Ellen Bates. created and maintained by librarian Jessamyn Charity West.

Library Stuff created and maintained by librarian Steven M. Cohen.

A Library Writer's Blog created and maintained by librarian Corey Seeman. Source to help librarians identify publishing and presentation opportunities in library and information science, as well as other related fields.

LIScareer created and maintained by librarian Priscilla Shontz.

LIS News (Librarian & Information Science News) created by librarian Blake Carver and maintained collaboratively.


LoomWare created and maintained by Mark Leggott about information and the information industry.

Nature Network Blogs

ONLINE Insider created and maintained Marydee Ojalan “presents a more timely commentary on the products, people, and events that shape today's online world.”

Open Access News created and maintained by Peter Suber

OPL Plus (not just for OPLs anymore) created and maintained by Judith A. Siess. Management information, links, and marketing tips that you can use right now.

PAM The Physics - Astronomy - Mathematics Division Conference Blog

Peter Scott's Library Blog

Phil Bradley's weblog about “anything that will interest librarians!”

PKP (Public Knowledge Project Blog) Blog news from the partnership among the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia, the Simon Fraser University Library, the School of Education at Stanford University, and the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at Simon Fraser University.

ResourceShelf created and maintained by Gary Price.

ResearchBuzz created and maintained by Tara Calishain.

RSS4Lib created and maintained by Ken Varnum about library-specific applications of RSS.

Sceptical Chymist is a blog by the editors of Nature and the Research journals.

Scholarship 2.0 created and maintained by librarian Gerry McKiernan. It is devoted to covering the alternative Web-based scholarly publishing philosophies and practices.

Science Library Pad about the use of technology and other issues for science libraries and science publishers.


Scientific American Community Blogs

SciTech Library Question created and maintained by Randy Reichardt, at the University of Alberta and collaborators.

Search Engine Watch Blog provides constant updates of the latest search engine marketing and other search news from Search Engine Watch and across the web.

Shifted Librarian created and maintained by librarian Jenny Cybrary

Sites and Soundbytes: Libraries, Books, Technology and News created and maintained by Tasha Saecker.

SLA Blog brings you useful information about the global information profession and about SLA.

SLA Conference Connections

SLA Executive Connections created and maintained by Janice R. Lachance, CEO, about her views on the information profession and the organization.

SLA Public Policy Connections

Tame The Web created and maintained by Michael Stephens. This blog deals with libraries, technology and people - and the fascinating intersection between all three. created and maintained by Roy Tennant about information technology for library decision-making. created and maintained the principal at Lewis Elementary School in Portland, Oregon brings information about the impact of technology on education.

Wired Campus Blog from Chronicle of Higher Education.

Wired Gadget Lab from Wired Magazine.

YALSA is the official blog of the Young Adult Library Services Association

Other Blog Resources:

Bar-Ilan, J. (2007). "The use of Weblogs (blogs) by librarians and libraries to disseminate information" Information Research, 12(4) paper 323. [Article available at]

Blogbib created and maintained by Susan Herzog is "An Annotated Bibliography on Weblogs and Blogging, With a Focus on Library/Librarian Blogs."

Bloglines is a blogosphere search engine and a Web-based feed reader (personal news aggregator). The Clippings feature allows you to add any blog or Web page text to a special Clippings tab; that way, you can keep all of your important posts in a single location for easy retrieval. Bloglines also supports the import and export of OPML files.

BlogPulse is a blogosphere search engine and discovery tool for the people, issues, posts, commentaries, tidbits and news that bloggers are discussing.

BlogScope is a blogosphere search engine from the University of Toronto. It has millions of blogs via a set of numerous unique features including popularity curves, identification of information bursts, related terms, and geographical search. created and maintained by Amanda Etches-Johnson has links to library blogs.

Google Blogger is both the hosting as well as the online interface that you can use to create and maintain your blog(s) for free. Blogger is especially friendly to mobile bloggers, who can send a picture or a text message from their phone to a special SMS address.

Google Blog Search is a blogosphere search engine

Library Weblogs is a geographically categorized directory of library-related weblogs.

LibWorm collects updates from about 1500 RSS feeds (and growing). The user can subscribe to either in his/her favourite aggregator or in LibWorm's built-in aggregator or browse librarianship feeds by subjects, feed categories, or tags.

LISWiki Weblogs collects links to librarian blogs.

LISZen created and maintained by Garrett Hungerford is a search engine devoted to library blogs

LiveJournal can be used as a private journal, a blog, a discussion forum or a social network.

NewsGator is a Web-based reader which shows feeds in a clean, readable display.

Postgenomic will extract information on peer-reviewed papers from blog entries, and they often restrict their sources to those blogs that are usually about science.

ResearchBlogging strives to identify serious academic blog posts about peer-reviewed research.

RSS Specifications is a collection of articles related to RSS and news feeds.

ScienceBlogs created by Seed Media Group is a news aggregator "to improve science literacy and to advance global science culture. We have selected our 60+ bloggers based on their originality, insight, talent, and dedication and how we think they would contribute to the discussion at ScienceBlogs. Our role, as we see it, is to create and continue to improve this forum for discussion, and to ensure that the rich dialogue that takes place at ScienceBlogs resonates outside the blogosphere."

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Technorati is currently tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. Search by keywords or browse list of topics.

Technorati Blog Finder is a blogosphere search engine. is a hosted service built on popular open-source blogging tool WordPress offers free blogs with custom design templates, integrated stats, automatic spam protection and many more services. doesn't support remote blogging.

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