SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Webmaster

The Webmaster is part of the Public Relations Committee and operates the DBIO Division web site and evaluates new web technology and its applicability to the webpage. Information on the web site may include newsletters, lists of officers, bylaws, conference information and others. The webmaster in conjunction with the Public Relations Officer brings issues to the Board for approval.

Qualifications: Knowledge of HTML and HTML text editors (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.). Designs page schemes, graphics, CGI scripts, etc. on an as-needed basis.

Appointment: Indefinite appointment.

  1. Maintains existing pages and checks links frequently.
  2. Creates new pages from content provided by the  Division Advisory Board.
  3. Checks and update links from the Website on a bimonthly basis. 
  4. Updates Website content on an as-needed basis.
  5. Solicits new content from the Division Boards.
  6. Communicates with the Association Webmaster to ensure that the site is accessible. Troubleshoots problems on an as-needed basis.
  7. Responds to e-mails directed to the Webmaster in a timely fashion
  8. Makes recommendations regarding new web technologies to the Division Advisory Boards.
  9. Prepares an annual report of activities and expenses, actual and projected, for the annual business meeting.
  10. Capture or archive the website in its entirety, via a CD or some other storage media, at least once a year.

For more information, consult the SLA web page for Unit Webmasters.

Rev. July 2007