SLA Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

DBIO Recommended Practices - Nominations and Elections Committee

Function: Each year the Division Nominations and Elections Committee is responsible for presenting a double slate of candidates for the Division election.

Chair-Elect: Elected every year
Treasurer: Elected every two years
Secretary: Elected every two years
Director: Elected every two years

Qualifications: This committee shall be composed of at least three members, one of whom shall be a member of the previous Nominations and Elections Committee. The Past Chair shall serve as Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee. As much as possible, committee members should be from different types of libraries and regions.  See also:  Appendix A – Qualifications, Expenses, Records and Reporting for Executive Board, Advisory Board/Council and Committees.

Appointment: The Nominations and Elections Committee is appointed by the Division Executive Board no later than early August.  The term of appointment is two years, renewable once.

  1. The Committee should consider, select, and contact potential nominees according to the attached timetable. It is permissible for an office to have only one candidate. Whenever possible, two candidates for each office should be identified.
  2. The Committee shall obtain the written acceptance of each nominee prior to the submission of its report.
  3. The Committee should also request biographical data from the nominee in standard format, such as a resume, so this information can be consolidated for the election with minimum revision or modification.  Alternatively, each candidate can be asked to submit a biographical statement of not more than 150 words for inclusion in voting material.
  4. An email mailing list should be obtained from the Association Headquarters prior to the beginning of the process. The Committee sends out an email to the entire membership in early October announcing the slate of candidates including their qualifications. Further nominations, accompanied by written acceptance by the nominee, may be entered by petition of 20 Division members and shall be filed with the Nominations and Elections Committee by October 31st each year.
  5. Election shall be by electronic ballot sent to each member on November 1st each year.
  6. Ballot mailings should included:
    • Ballot with election deadline noted
    • Brief résumés of all candidates
  7. The candidate who receives the greatest number of votes for any office shall be elected. The count is verified by the Committee Chair and another SLA member.
  8. The Committee informs the Division Chair and the candidates within a few days of the ballot deadline of the winners, the total number of ballots mailed out, and the total number of valid ballots received. To be valid, ballots must be received by the online/ web balloting collection person on or before the deadline stated on the ballot. Voting for two candidates for any one office invalidates the ballot vote only for that office.
  9. Special elections, should the need arise, should be conducted in accordance with the Governing Document, under the Executive Board section.
  10. The Committee Chair will review the Nominations and Elections Committee sections of the Recommended Practices in February and submit corrections, revisions, etc. to the Director for inclusion in the next revision.
  11. By deadline determined each year (typically January), the Committee Chair shall submit an estimated budget to the Treasurer.

Reports: The Committee Chair prepares an annual report of activities of the Nominations and Elections Committee and submits it to the Division Chair. A copy of the annual report is also sent to the Division Secretary.

Articles for Biofeedback:
Spring: Call for nominations and volunteers to be considered for the next year's election
Summer: Slate with candidates qualifications (e.g. abbreviated CV’s) and notice of upcoming election and date ballots will be mailed to members. Also send this information to the DBIO webmaster.

Suggested Timetable:
By May 1st: *Executive Board Members confer and choose at least 2 new members of the 3 member Nominations and Elections Committee. The DBIO Chair posts an announcement of the new Nominations and Elections Committee to the SLA-DBIO Email List and also submits the same announcement for the Summer issue of Biofeedback. In the same media, the new Nominations and Elections Chair places a call for nominations for the election for the coming fiscal year.

*July: The Nominations and Elections Committee confers regarding possible nominees and solicits nominations. Prospective candidates should be contacted until one agrees to run for each office. The committee should meet with the DBIO Executive Board to identify additional qualified members in late July. The Nominations and Elections Committee should also attempt to meet with potential candidates and for that purpose should come prepared with information on the various offices and duties. The Nominations and Elections Committee Chair emails a final call for nominations to the entire membership using the email mailing list provided by the Association.

*By August 1st: The Nominations and Elections Committee Chair files a report with DBIO Chair.

August: Committee requests email mailing list for DBIO Division members be available in mid-October.

September 1st:
The slate is finalized. Nominees submit their resumes or biographical sketches to the Nominations and Elections Committee. The slate and the resumes (abbreviated if necessary) are submitted to the SLA-DBIO Email List, and the DBIO website. At this time, the call for nominations by petition should be made in the same publications.

By September 30th:  Nominations by petition must be received by the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee to be included on the ballot.

By October 1st:
Ballots are emailed to members with voting material. Ballots must be received by a set date (announced on the ballot) to be valid. This date is approximately October 15th.

By October 15th:
Ballots should all be received and counted. The Chair of the Division and the candidates are notified of the results of the election.

By November 1st:
Results are forwarded to SLA-DBIO Email List, DBIO Webmaster, and Biofeedback editor for inclusion in the Winter issue.

By January 1st:
Chair of theoutgoing Nominations and Elections Committee sends remaining papers of historical importance to DBIO Archivist.

Rev. May 2014